1968 Whaler

April 2018

01: Look At All The Colors

Been a long three months of sanding and filling, doing nothing and just waiting for the weather to warm up enough so I can move this project outside. Went to town on rebuilding the bilge area. Ground it down and built it back, ready for priming.


02: Waiting For The Sun

Weather has been less than optimal, still! – here in the Northeast. Made a pilgrimage to Jamestown Distributors for supplies. I am ready, just need a few 70+ degree days for foaming and priming. Foam arrives this week.

03: Last Of The Major Repairs

Transponder holes on the transom – plugged, filled and glassed over – image #28 from October 2017. A skim coat of filler and light sanding will finish it.


04: Build It And They Will Come

Foam has arrived, paint has been purchased, 95% of the filling and sanding has been complete. Where to do it? Clearly not in the garage which is attached to the house…. the fumes are brutal. Answer: Portable garage.


05: The Eagle Has Landed

I couldn’t be more pumped. My e-bay purchased portable garage/workshop is perfect for the last laps of this rebuild. Can’t wait to get started.

06: OMG

Weather finally hit the mark. Went primer crazy. 2 really thick coats. Holding off on final 220 sanding until the bottom is finished and primed.


07: OMG part 2

Looking really good. Paint fumes are just brutal. Using a 6000 series 3M respirator. First attempt at foaming will be done first weekend in May.


08: Epoxy Sealer Blitz Continues

Another perfect day. 60 degrees and a warm 70 in the enclosed tent. Completed sanding the hull (above water line) and got 2 really smooth coats of epoxy primer on.


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